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We take your concerns seriously so please feel free to message us about any no go’s you have encountered. We will investigate them and get back to you. Together we will look for a solution and true to our motto, “Giving up is not an option”, we will find a solution.

Use the form below to issue your complaint and we will quickly respond. Thank you.

Please take note of our privacy policy for this process. The most important points for you are:
Use of data: The data collected is used to contact you and process your case according to your request. There will be no additional data processing or transfer to third parties. Please refer to our privacy policy.
Right of revocation: You can revoke the storage and your consent to the storage of data at any time. By sending your request you give us permission to contact you. First of all, you will be sent a confirmation email about the receipt of your request.  An employee will then contact you to discuss your request.